The magic of the Calanques

Reasons to visit the south of France are endless: exploring picturesque villages, enjoying the Mediterranean vibe, discovering your favorite wine… One experience that definitely fits into the list is hiking the Calanques; huge limestome rock formations that rise from the sea and make up for a splendid sight.

The superpower of the Irish

Ireland, the country that both figuratively and literally stole my heart. After visiting this country a couple of times over the last year, I must say it starts to feel as coming home. If you’re looking for good weather, don’t have high expectations of Ireland. If you’re looking for friendly people, having craic -fun- in the best pubs and the smell of fireplaces wherever you go: you’ve found your new favorite country!

View venice from Rialto bridge

Venice, truly one of a kind

Venice, a city everyone has an image of in their head. Yet, experiencing this one of a kind city will leave you speechless. The beauty of Venice is like you’ve never seen before! While Paris is known as the city of love, I would like to nominate Venice. I can’t think of a more romantic place on earth than this magical, Italian city. A city without any cars, where idyllic bridges cross numerous canals and all combined with the great Italian lifestyle. La bella vita. It’s not just the greatest city to visit with your loved one, it’s a city you actually fall in love with!

Gelato at its finest

Icecream is part of Italy’s culture and is therefore an important factor of your trip to Italy. While I used to be the girl that always chose chocolate icecream, I found my new all-time favorite! And I believe no other icecream can ever beat it!

The beauty of Milan

The sophisticated city Milan is the second largest city of Italy and a true magnet for tourists. And not without a reason! The city is most known for its fashion week, its magnificent church and (like any Italian city) its cuisine. All I can say is: go, see, explore and let Milan enchant and inspire you!