Exploring Bulgaria’s coastline

Why go for the obvious choice when looking for a sun holiday in Europe? Leave Spain and Greece behind and go somewhere you can’t read the menu; where happy hour is any hour; and where a three-course meal will not even cost 10€. Enjoy Bulgaria’s coast and… hаздраве (cheers)!

Weekend getaway: Rio

It’s hard not to fall for a city like Rio de Janeiro. Famous for its Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, dazzling views of Sugarloaf Mountain, world wonder Christ the Redeemer, Carnival and dancing the samba: this city will sweep you off your feet in no time!

Cuba: fact vs fiction

Cuba, a country high on many travel wish lists. Because of the improving foreign relations, Cuba is changing at a fast speed. Globetrotters who want to experience Cuba shouldn’t wait any longer since the country will most likely lose its authentic identity. Which makes you wonder: what’s still true these days and what isn’t?

Next up: Cuba

Cuba, the country that time forgot. In one week my boyfriend and I will discover this one-of-a-kind country situated in the Caribbean Sea. As both of us were born in the nineties, stepping back in time during our visit to Cuba will be a completely “new” experience: with classic 1950s American cars rolling through the colorful streets of Havana and locals smoking Cuban cigars while dancing the salsa until the night falls.

What a view: Cliffs of Moher

Before meeting my Irish boyfriend, probably the only things that came to mind when thinking of Ireland were: Dublin, Leprechauns, St. Patrick’s Day and the Cliffs of Moher. So, you can imagine what I really wanted to see during my first visit to this beautiful country!

My Brazilian experience

Last August I took the biggest step in my life so far: moving to Brazil for three months. To be more specific, I was about to live in the biggest city in Latin-America! When coming from a small city in that small country called the Netherlands, this is (literally) a world of difference…