Exploring Bulgaria’s coastline

Why go for the obvious choice when looking for a sun holiday in Europe? Leave Spain and Greece behind and go somewhere you can’t read the menu; where happy hour is any hour; and where a three-course meal will not even cost 10€. Enjoy Bulgaria’s coast and… hаздраве (cheers)!

Are you up for a road trip?

The Trakia motorway connects capital Sofia and city Burgas on the Black Sea coast with a ride of almost 400 km. While the speed limit is set at 140 km/h, the cars are cruising this motorway with a speed of 180 km/h. The ones that want to reach the coast as fast as possible leave their left blinker on from Sofia to Burgas, indicating they will overtake you and you need to get out of their way. Let’s just say they are in desperate need of the Black Sea coast;)

Roadtrip Bulgaria

Sunny Beach

By far the most famous beach of the Balkans: Sunny Beach. Three words come to mind when thinking of this seaside resort: cheap, overcrowded and endless resorts. It definitely feels like you ended up in one of those TV shows where people get drunk, do crazy things and end up at the emergency room. It is debatable whether Sunny Beach is a pretty sight: jam-packed beaches, loads of souvenir shops and huge hotels wherever you look. You either love it or hate it!

Surprisingly, the seaside resort does not just attract teenagers. There are also many families with children as well as older people. You might wonder, what attracts them to go there? And I have to say that I have no idea… All things considered, Sunny Beach is fun to experience for some hours. Afterwards, my best advice is to put on Ruleta by INNA and Erik, roll down the windows, turn up the volume and cruise to the next seaside resort…

Sveti Vlas

…you’ve reached Sveti Vlas, a more luxurious, classy and less crowded seaside resort. Whereas the architecture of Sunny Beach reminds you sometimes of the communist era, Sveti Vlas is modern, fresh and beautiful. While it’s a good place to relax, soak up the sun (which seems to shine every day) and catch your breath; there are also numerous activities for thrill-seekers! Reach top speeds on the jet ski, have a laughter attack on the banana or reach extreme heights while parasailing. Fun guaranteed!

Sveti Vlas

The town is also home to the Dinevi marina, the country’s biggest yacht port (also the St. Tropez of Bulgaria). The place where wealthy people show off their possessions and where tourists take pictures and drool. The marina is an apparent recommendation: stroll around the promenade, enjoy some drinks at the La Playa bar or dance the night away at the Planet Yacht night club (don’t forget to wear your highest heels or you’ll be denied entrance).


Last but definitely not least: Nesebar, separated into an ancient city and a seaside resort by a man-made isthmus. Whereas the new part of the city is another set of beaches and hotels, the ancient part is like nowhere else and will have you mesmerized within a few seconds. The old town of Nesebar is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is best described as a city-museum with many medieval ruins. The charming, picturesque town is widely visited by tourists, which led to a big and busy open-air souvenir market throughout the entire town. Just go with the flow and surely don’t miss out on a lovely dinner on this special peninsula!


2 thoughts on “Exploring Bulgaria’s coastline”

  1. It boggles the mind how many aim directly for Sunny Beach or Golden Sands and ignore the rest of the Black Sea coast. There are so many small towns and non-tourist-choked places, but I guess if the goal is night life and barhopping the big resorts are the place to be. Glad you discovered Nessebar; it’s a beautiful place.

    1. You’re completely right! Nessebar is indeed a beautiful, historic place (and a relief after seeing all those resorts!) Hopefully more and more people will visit the less-known (tourist) attractions.

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