The perfect itinerary for exploring the Cape Peninsula in one day

From the city of Cape Town you can take a brilliant, scenic route down the Cape Peninsula and ultimately the Cape of Good Hope. Along the way there are some exceptional and picture-perfect stops that you don’t want to miss out on. So read along for the perfect itinerary for exploring the Cape in just one day.

Chapman’s Peak

Driving from Cape Town, your first of many stops will be along the Chapman’s Peak drive. This road winds along the nearly vertical mountain side of Chapman’s Peak and connects Cape Town’s suburbs Hout Bay and Noordhoek. To drive this pass you will have to pay R47 and it’s worth every penny. The views from the road are sublime, both in the morning as when the sun starts to set. Luckily enough there are numerous spots alongside the road to park, take some photos and enjoy the magnificent nature.


Another must-see when going down the Cape Peninsula is Muizenberg: a beach-side suburb of Cape Town. Besides the picture-perfect colorful beach houses, Muizenberg is a great place to visit because of its relaxed surfers’ vibe: they call it the birthplace of surfing in South Africa for a reason. This town is a great lunch stop or to learn surfing if you have some extra time.

Boulders Beach

Only a short drive from Muizenberg, you will find one of the nicest beaches in Cape Town: Boulders Beach. What sets this beach aside from the rest, is the African penguin colony that resides there. The sight of a beach with hundreds of waddling penguins is just extraordinary. To get your dose of cute penguins, you will have to pay a conservation fee of R152. Bear in mind that this admission fee is different than for SA residents.

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope: the final destination of your day trip. Many people will state the Cape is the most southern point of Africa. Yet, the most southern point of the continent is about 150 kilometers to the southeast at Cape Agulhas. The Cape of Good Hope is part of the Table Mountain National Park. What’s surprising is that you still need to drive about half an hour when entering the park to reach the Cape. As expected, this is a beautiful, scenic route through very peaceful looking nature. Once at the Cape you can park your car on the side of the road and climb the many steps to the lighthouse or take one of the two walking routes to the Cape of Good Hope. Whichever option you choose, the views will be magnificent. Another bonus of visiting the Cape is the many baboons that will welcome you – and who might want to have a bite of your food. Tip: close the windows of your car, or you might come back after your visit with a few unexpected visitors in the backseat.

While you make your way back to Cape Town, you have the luck of driving Chapman’s Peak again – possibly even while the sun is setting. So don’t forget to enjoy the way back to Cape Town as much as you did in the early morning. Also Hout Bay, one of Cape Town’s suburbs, is very vibrant in the late afternoon for a drink and a quick stop.

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