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Cuba, the country that time forgot. In one week my boyfriend and I will discover this one-of-a-kind country situated in the Caribbean Sea. As both of us were born in the nineties, stepping back in time during our visit to Cuba will be a completely “new” experience: with classic 1950s American cars rolling through the colorful streets of Havana and locals smoking Cuban cigars while dancing the salsa until the night falls.

Going to a country with no McDonalds, no Coca Cola and little to zero WiFi connection, sounds very exciting and frightening at the same time. While being used to having all of the above wherever you go, it’s fascinating and almost unbelievable that there is a country without these -lets call them- conveniences. The reason that we as ’90s kids are able to experience a world without all of this, is thanks to the trade embargo the US imposed on Cuba half a decade ago. However, since the relationship between Cuba and Western countries starts to thaw, experiencing the unique and pure Cuba will most likely come to and end soon. All the more reason to go to Cuba this May!

Planning a unique trip

The first thing we encountered while planning our trip through Cuba is that the country is actually really big (although all countries seem big compared to the Netherlands). Since we’re only going for ten days, we had to make some sacrifices to be able to enjoy the country and its culture to the fullest.

Cuba map

We’ll start our journey in Havana, the vibrant capital of the island. Where, after a day of sightseeing, we’ll make our way south to the colonial city Trinidad. I must say, the picture-perfect city with brick roads and unique houses got me buzzing! And with Cuba’s coastline only a few kilometers away, it seems like the perfect place for our longest stay while being in Cuba. After exploring the city and its beaches -such as Playa Ancón and La Boca-, we’ll continue our journey to Cienfuegos. While everything in Latin America seems to be built however it suited at the time, this city has a remarkable, structured urban planning.

After spending a day in Cienfuegos we’ll get ready to discover the last treasure of our trip to Cuba: Playa Girón. This beach is situated on the Bay of pigs, known for the failed US military invasion to bring down the Castro government. Persuaded by my boyfriend, this is the place we’ll go scuba diving for the first time -though I’ve always been a bit afraid of fish and other indefinable creatures in the sea, I’m getting pretty excited about it! When surviving all of this, we’ll travel back to Havana for our last night in the unique and sparkling country Cuba..

Besides the beautiful architecture, white beaches and cocktails I’m most excited about experiencing a world without 4G. Also, after an amazing first experience in Latin America last year, I can’t wait to get a taste of its southern way of living again! Mañana mañana..

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