Nine Berlin experiences not to miss

Berlin, a city that in my opinion never had a sexy sound to it. Maybe because it’s so near home, maybe because of its dark history… If only I’d known how special Berlin is! Let me win you over by reading the best Berlin experiences not to miss out on!

High on history 

The famous Berlin Wall divided the city and its population from 1961 until its fall in 1989. The concrete barrier was built by the German Democratic Republic to keep the Western ‘fascists’ from entering East Germany. The Berlin Wall Memorial respectfully visualizes this dark history: the monument will leave you both humble and speechless by the thought that this took place not even thirty years ago. Another, less heavy loaded, sight of the remains of the Berlin Wall is the East Side Gallery: the longest open-air gallery in the world. Stroll this 1.3km intact part of the Berlin Wall, while absorbing the city’s history and its present-day artsy feeling to it.

East Side Gallery

Another must visit in Berlin is Checkpoint Charlie, the most-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East and West Berlin.

Checkpoint Charlie

With the actual checkpoint still in the former state, the signs of entering the American sector and the various (heartbreaking) stories of people living during the division of Berlin in your head, you can get a good image of how life must have been during this time.


Trendy Berlin

Besides its rich history, Berlin is known as a very open-minded, lively and trendy city. You’ll find numerous stylish (rooftop)bars, many shopping areas and lots of green, outdoor areas. The district Charlottenburg might be home to the best possible city park: the Berlin Zoo. While a zoo is not the first thing to come to mind during a city trip, a rooftop bar will perfectly fit. Visit the Monkey Bar and enjoy not just panoramic views of the zoo and its animals but also of the city! (Tip: for the daredevils among us, try their all glass restrooms)

IMG_8943xMonkey Bar

Another must-visit is the Tempelhof Park, best described as a huge recreation area on a formerly used airport: walk the runway of the highly important airlift during the Cold War, go back to the eighties and put on them old rollerblades or just enjoy the atmosphere of the entire city coming together to relax and enjoy a picnic in Berlin’s biggest outdoor playground (and definitely don’t miss out on the Currywurst!).

Famous sights

Of course, Berlin is also famous for its sights! The Brandenburger Tor, the Bundestag, the Berlin Cathedral and the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church: just to name a few. There are plenty of things to discover, do and experience in Germany’s capital!

Berlin Dom

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