The Irish water of life: Whiskey Ginger Ale

It’s common knowledge that the Irish like to drink –let’s call it culture. When visiting Ireland you just want to fit in with the locals. I get it. But why go for the obvious choice of ordering a Guinness in the nearest pub? Try the country’s most popular whiskey with some Ginger Ale and lime. You won’t be disappointed!Irish whiskey

While Irish whiskey might sometimes be overshadowed by its better-known Scottish cousin, Ireland is home to some very fine whiskeys. Plus, they take their whiskey making very serious; there’s even a law stating that the spirit must at least mature for three years on the island of Ireland to call itself Irish whiskey. Besides its origin, there is also a difference in taste between the two “rivals”. It’s been said that the Irish whiskey is smoother as opposed to the smoky Scotch (but don’t ask me the details, i’m no connoisseur).

Next to this, there is also a difference in spelling. The Irish spirit is called whiskey, whereas the Scottisch variant is written without the ‘e’. Furthermore, the word whiskey is an anglicisation of uisce beatha, meaning water of life. You won’t be surprised that the traditional Irish remedy for the chills and fevers is hot whiskey (I mean, it is the “water of life“, haha).

Sine metu

The most famous Irish whiskey is -indisputably- Jameson. Every bottle of this well-known brand is marked with its Gaelic family motto sine metu, which translates to without fear. Why this motto? The Jameson family believes that the less we fear, the more we live. They believe that “sine metu” makes us laugh more, meet more people and experience new things. To me, this sounds like the perfect motto for traveling. The Jameson’s are impressing me ;)!

Back in 1780, John Jameson opened his distillery on Bow Street, Dublin. Enduring many events, such as a civil war, Jameson kept his distillery up and running and grew out to be to the world’s leader in Irish whiskey. Funnily enough, John Jameson is a Scotsman who left his home country to set up a distillery in Ireland. Well, Mr. Jameson definitely convinced me to visit his distillery during my next stay in Ireland!

“Treat ginger to a glass of Jameson”

Let’s not forget what we’re here for: the Whiskey Ginger Ale. You know what makes this drink the best -besides its taste of course!? You can order it basically anywhere, because which pub doesn’t serve Jameson and a bottle of ginger ale!

But what about making it yourself?
• Fill a longdrink glass with ice
• Pour a shot of Jameson(or two, who’s counting?)
• Top up the glass with good quality ginger ale
• Sqeeze a large wedge of lime into the glass and drop into the glass

Sláinte! (cheers!)


My favourite companion is a ginger as is my whiskey’s– John Jameson

As a recent grad in marketing, I couldn’t let this one go unnoticed 😉

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