The magic of the Calanques

Reasons to visit the south of France are endless: exploring picturesque villages, enjoying the Mediterranean vibe, discovering your favorite wine… One experience that definitely fits into the list is hiking the Calanques; huge limestome rock formations that rise from the sea and make up for a splendid sight.


Calanque de Sormiou

A short drive along the coastline of Marseille will lead you to one of the biggest calanques within the National Park: the calanque de Sormiou. It is recommendabe to park the car on top of the mountain and start your way down by foot. The walking path wounds around the limestone rock formations with breathtaking scenary surrounding you from beginning to end. Next to this, the peace and quiet you’ll experience in the valley, which is only a few miles from one of France’s biggest cities, is just remarkable. 


The feeling of being far away from civilization is even reinforced as you reach the coastline. Except for a few fishermen’s houses and a restaurant that seems to be out of business, there is no sign of inhabitants. This is as far away as you can get from the big city.


Since there are no shops of any kind it’s important to bring your own water and food. And to be honest: nothing can beat a French picnic with a view like this. The clear blue water that contrasts with the limestone cliffs is just breathtaking.




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