Winter wonderland in Oslo

I have always loved the snow. Ever since I was a child I was ascending mountains to hit the slopes with my little skis. As all things in life, my skis grew and so did I. Yet, I never outgrew my love for snow… And as soon as the plane hit the snowy ground of Oslo, I remembered how magical winter is.

Situated in Scandinavia, Oslo is pretty much assured of a true winter. By the end of November the temperature drops to the freezing point and Norway’s capital becomes a true winter wonderland. The fjords freeze, the nights become longer and snow falls in abundance. This is the ultimate winter feeling, I think as I walk the streets of Oslo.

With every snowflake falling on my cheek, with every centimeter of snow that falls on the white grounds, the urge to dust off the skis becomes bigger and bigger. I realize the Norwegians and I have this in common, as I see the first person walking through the shopping streets of Oslo with skis on his shoulders. I shouldn’t be surprised, as the ski resort is only minutes away…


It’s time to see one of Oslo’s most famous landmarks with my own eyes: the Holmenkollen area. Within minutes after taking the metro, the city becomes more and more undefinable and the densely forested hills become the standard. With every stop, more people get in the metro dragging along skis and sleighs.

At this stage, the views are already worth the trip alone. Yet, I know the best is yet to come. After exiting the metro, a short but cold walk uphill leads me to Oslo’s most famous landmark: the Holmenkollen Ski Jump. This jaw-dropping ski jumping hill is home to major winter sport events, such as the World Cup and Holmenkollen Ski Festival -the latter is also called the countries “second national day”. The Norwegians are proud of their skiing heritage and I don’t blame them.

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Nevertheless this area has more to offer than skiing, sleighing and hiking. On top of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump an observation deck is built with panoramic views of Oslo, its fjords and its mountainous area. Absolutely magnificent! If it wasn’t for the strong wind up high, I’d be here for hours.

Oslo, covered in snow, has surprised me greatly with its diversity. One moment you’re in a vibrant city, the next moment you’re enjoying the beautiful and serene nature. Experiencing Norway’s capital in the winter is a no-brainer. It’s mighty cold, yet so enchanting.


– A special thanks to my sister for introducing me to this beautiful city x

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